Kat Huston: The Woman Behind Huston Textile

Day-to-day is never dull for Kat Huston, Huston Textile cofounder who also happens to be mommy to three. Whether she's visiting with customers, cutting swatches, putting together orders or maintaining the books -- sometimes simultaneously-- this office acrobat holds the charm behind textile mill living. We spent the day with Kat to discuss the ins and outs of Huston Textile and her inspiring life as a mom-on-the-go.


Your Full Name: Kathryn K.L. Huston


Your favorite food:

This is really hard to answer, I'm very picky about foods but don't really think I have a favorite.If I had to say something it would be Fried Chicken with country gravy or my grandmothers Thanksgiving stuffing.


Where did you grow up?

I was born at Hill Air Force Base in Utah where I lived until I was 6. When my dad left the air force we moved to Holladay, Utah where I lived for another 6 years. My family then moved to Murray, Utah, which is where I stayed until I was 21. I then moved to Rosepark, Utah for a little less than a year, and then moved to California with Ryan. 


How did you meet Ryan?

I was visiting with a friend of mine who happened to be Ryan's neighbor at the time, that was 18 years ago. We didn't talk for a few months and being as this was before everyone had cell phones, he came by my house to see if I'd like to go out some time with him.


What inspired you two to make fabric?

When I was pregnant with our first child we did a lot of research on our options for what we could use besides a stroller to ease getting around with a child. This is when we learned about baby wraps. Ryan, being the ingenuitive
person he is, decided he could make the wrap for me. 



Walk us through a typical day at Huston Textile.

When I arrive at work one of the very first things to happen is to feed and water our warehouse cat. He is a wonderful addition to our team in keeping small animals away from our materials. I spend the first half of my day responding to emails and phone calls. This does involve going and working on different spread sheets of information, making sure I can give the most accurate information. My second half of the day I do my best to assist Ryan on the floor where I can, this is mostly cleaning and organizing our tool room.


You must wear many hats, what would you say your job title is?

Office Manager and Moral Support Team.



What’s it like running a company and being a mother of 3?

Stressful! When work for someone else you know the workday ends when you leave the job site. Working for yourself is another story, work becomes two jobs that are 24/7. There are no sick days for either position, and on many of those days we'd love to call in we bring the kids to work with us. The kids are often found on the warehouse floor when the looms are not running, where you can see them working on equipment with us out of their own curiosity for our jobs.


What is your favorite fabric that you’ve developed thus far?

A tie between our Botanic Organic Denim and our Beneficial wool warp with Botanical organic weft fabric. They both just turned out to be so beautiful and seeing all the things made from them is amazing! I am actually talking with someone that made a jacket with the denim to see if she would make another denim jacket but with the wool as the lining. I think it would be an amazing piece to show folks that come to the warehouse.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love seeing the creativity that comes from designers and hobby sewers working with our fabrics. To see something like the 2017 Fibershed Fashion Gala and everything that was created from the wool is amazing. There is so much beautiful talent in the world that is being discovered.


Do you have any tips for couples who work together?

Take every chance to learn from each other and the couples around you. If you see successful relationships and ask they think they are succeeding. If you see a failed relationship ask why they think it failed. And talk about those together, having those conversations are part of what have made Ryan and I successful.