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Denim Organic Botanical

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There's nothing synthetic about it. Our organic botanical denim is just that: organic American-grown cotton made a vintage hue of blue with natural botanical indigo. Woven in Sacramento, CA on a vintage Draper loom, the denim is the highest quality selvage. 100% American made. 

Botanical Skein Dyed Organic Cotton Denim - Denim Organic Botanical - Organic Botanical Skein Dyed Indigo warp, Organic cotton weft, RH twill, 3/1. Approx. 12 oz & 33". Loomstate, no sizing used, allow for shrinkage.

For sample yardage and orders larger than 50 yards, please contact us directly info[at]

Please note:

  • Wholesale is unavailable for this fabric until we can find a reliable botanical dye source for our yarns to remake this fabric run.
  • We cannot accept returns on fabric.
  • Prices are subject to change. 

* Swatches are 3x3