Following my service in the United States Army, my wife Kat and I decided to build a business that truly reflects what the American Dream means to us. After the birth of our first child, we founded Huston Textile Co. inside our home garage in the fall of 2012. A few years later we opened shop in a converted military hangar just outside of Sacramento, California. 

We have done a great deal of Research and Development to achieve our vision to make high quality, small-batch cloth, using vintage American-made machines. The journey has been a true labor of love, from locating the machinery, to restoring it to its original working state; while at the same time using U.S. sourced raw materials.

Growing up in a single parent household I was privileged to watch my mom find ways to support us; in this process she taught me how to sew. When I combined the skills, she taught me with my natural curiosity for understanding and fixing machines weaving just seemed to fit seamlessly. The art of fabric design, construction, and vintage American made machinery brought a spark of life to my dreams.

At Huston Textile Company, we hope to reignite the domestic textile industry while sharing our knowledge about textiles and their environmental impact to ensure a healthy future for all.