We are excited to connect with you! Before contacting us with your inquiry, please take a look at these frequently asked questions.


What are your minimums?

Minimums are variable on the type of fiber we are weaving and if it is a fabric we could sell as stock fabric. The minimum for a custom run is 500 yards. The minimum on stock fabrics is 2 yards


Do you do custom orders?

Yes, please fill our our production application and we will contact you with more information.


What is your lead time on orders?

Lead time for custom orders can be anywhere from 3-6 mos. Please plan accordingly. For in-stock items there is no lead time.


Are the fabrics pre-washed?

Most of our fabrics are finished (washed, scoured, framed, sizing when applicable) prior to listing it for sell. There are some circumstances where a fabric may remain unfinished


Do you make finished products?

Not at this time. We only offer fabrics, although we can refer you to designers in our community who can make shirts, bags, etc for your company.