Huston Textile Co. began with a fascination for vintage, American-made machinery that soon evolved into a passion for recreating heirloom fabrics. All of our textiles are American-made, right here in California, from natural American-grown raw materials. As the only selvage fabric maker left in the United States, we are proud to take part in the resurgence of vintage-quality fabrics and the revival of American textile production.

Selvage fabric is highly coveted for its finished edges, reinforced nature and its contribution to high quality garments that are made to last. Selvage fabric does not require additional hems or finishing work to prevent it from fraying and is quite beneficial for the production of ready-to-wear. Selvage is very rare because modern technology can’t reproduce it– it can only be made on vintage looms.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, small-batch and bespoke cloth while sourcing natural fibers from the US to make a truly high-quality American-made product reminiscent of the golden age of textiles.