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Bare Ranch Wool Plain Weave Fabric *Sold by 1/2 yard*

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Huston Textile is excited to be offering Bare Ranch Wool Fabric, made of premium Rambouillet wool sourced from Lani's Lana's ranch, raised with Climate Beneficial™ land management practices, yarn dyed with natural botanical dyes at Swan's Island in Maine and woven here at Huston Textile in Rancho Cordova, CA. 

Analogous to the first organic and small scale food farmers who began their regional economic efforts with a Community Supported Agriculture model—to collect funding up front to help cover the costs of the growing season—we have developed a textile pre-sale model to help cover the costs of the value chain. By pooling demand from a community of like-minded artisans, we can support moving our local material through mills with higher minimums—leveraging economies of scale by working together.  The fabric is woven and absolutely beautiful.  

This Plain Weave Rambouillet wool fabric is 44 inches wide and 7.0  ounces per square yard. A light medium weight shirting fabric with a great hand and drape, perfect for shirts, dresses, skirts, light jackets, pants and more.

The naturally dyed colors are Sand - a great neutral taupe that can go anywhere; Lava - a dark gray with purple/burgundy tones just like lava rock; Dark Sky - a lovely Indigo named after the Dark Skies in our remote region!

*Sold in 1/2 yard increments* 

*Item is drop shipped from Lani's Lana*

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