Huston Textile Company

Huston Swatch Sampler

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This sampler kit is the perfect introduction to Huston's selvage fabrics woven in California. Includes 4 Huston Textile signature fabric swatches:

  • Canvas Car Curtain - Organic Cotton warp & weft, plain weave, 1/1
  • Double Slub Selvage Denim - American upland cotton, mineral dyed  warp, natural weft, RH twill, 3/1
  • Shirting Organic Chambray - Organic cotton GOTS dyed warp, natural organic weft, plain weave, 1/1
  • Beneficial Wool Red - Climate Beneficial wool warp, Imperial Yarn RWS wool weft, balanced twill, RH, 2/2

*Updated throughout the year depending on availability and production runs.